What's Shaking, NZ?

Quake monitoring app for Android and Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 8 Initial Release

Today the Windows Phone 8 version of What’s Shaking, NZ? was released - get it on the Windows Phone App Store now. If you’ve been using the Windows Phone 7 version on your Windows Phone 8 handset be sure to upgrade, as this new version is much faster, taking advantage of a number of features only available on Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 7 Update 1.3

The latest version of What’s Shaking, NZ? for Windows Phone was published today. This version has a few requested features, as well as a bit of additional information to keep you better informed about the earthquakes around New Zealand. Read on to find out more.

Android Version Now Available!

Today the Android version of What’s Shaking, NZ? was released on the Google Play Store.

Features include automatic alerts for new quakes, map and list view of recent quakes, full customisation and quake detail views. The app is completely free and open source, hosted on Github.

You can read more about it on the Android page.


Welcome to the home of What’s Shaking, NZ? - a quake monitoring app designed for New Zealand. It is currently available on the Windows Phone Marketplace with an Android version on the way.

Features include:

  • Uses the latest Geonet Rapid data feed for up-to-the-minute quake information.
  • Both list and a map overviews of the latest quakes.
  • Allows you to select how many quakes you’d like to see presented at once.
  • And more!

For more detail (and screenshots!), see the Windows Phone page.