What's Shaking, NZ?

Quake monitoring app for Android and Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 Update 1.3

The latest version of What’s Shaking, NZ? for Windows Phone was published today. This version has a few requested features, as well as a bit of additional information to keep you better informed about the earthquakes around New Zealand. Read on to find out more.

The list view has a useful new feature - it tells you where the quake was! This appears as text with a direction and a distance from a New Zealand town or city - for example “5km south of Christchurch.” This allows you to quickly glance through the listed quakes and then drill in on ones that are close to places of interest to you, and to easier see patterns in recent quakes.

On the quake detail page we now show the quakes “status” - primarily this will be either ‘automatic’ or ‘reviewed’. You can tap on these words to get a pop-up describing what they mean, but basically ‘automatic’ is a quake reported by the Geonet monitoring equipment, and ‘reviewed’ means a Geonet technician has checked the quake, to make sure the equipment has provided an accurate report. Previously you had no way of knowing whether a quake was accurate or not - the initial automatic reports (within the first few minutes of a quake occurring) can be especially inaccurate.

We’ve also added the ability to view all recent earthquakes from around New Zealand. Previously, we were only showing you those which were likely to have been felt. You can toggle this on/off on the Settings page - it’s off by default. There are a lot of earthquakes that are never felt by people, so this is most likely not something you want turned on all the time.

These are the most noticeable changes. There have been a few changes behind the scenes, bug fixes and so-on, which you can view on Github.

Enjoy the latest update, and keep an eye out for a Windows Phone 8 version coming soon!